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Most of the things here can be difficult to find, such as old MODs, tools, documents etc. They might dissapear anytime from The Internet! Grab them while they are available!

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Arcane Duel
Witchaven: The Roguelike

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07-Oct-2022 Excellent web about history of Korean Gaming. Games, reviews, screenshots and much more.
30-Sep-2022 In-depth game guide for The Fate RPG game.
19-Nov-2021 SLumpEd, an old but good Lump Editor for .WAD games.
19-Nov-2021 SLADE 2.0 Map Editor. If you are used to this Doom map editor, instead of the new SLADE.
25-Oct-2021 Image scans of a manual/walkthrough for the game The Fate, in Korean.
24-Oct-2021 Comprehensive list of early and old Korean Games for different platforms.
15-Oct-2021 Britra, a nice looking Korean 3rd Person RPG. Pretty strange game but looks good.
15-Oct-2021 Blood Aria, obscure Korean 3rd Person RPG similar to The Fate.
15-Oct-2021 The Fate, Old and obscure 3rd Person RPG. Do not confuse with "Fate".
12-Oct-2021 Tool to extract the contents of .LIB files in Blade and Sword, Prince of Qin and Seal of Evil
12-Oct-2021 Another list of Diablo-like games. Not all are old school. Some relatively unknown.
12-Oct-2021 Blade & Sword game manual scan. Download is also possible
12-Oct-2021 Seal of Evil game manual scan. Download is also possible
12-Oct-2021 Prince of Qin game manual scan. Download is also possible
12-Oct-2021 Blade & Sword Spagyric Cube Recipies.
09-Oct-2021 XWADTools: old tools for editing DOOM WADs, MAPS, Sprites, etc under Linux.
09-Oct-2021 Blade & Sword Walkthrough and Game Guides.
09-Oct-2021 Huge list of old school ARPGs, similar to Blade & Sword, more or less accurate
09-Oct-2021 Blade & Sword 2. Second part of this fantastic game, but difficult to find.
07-Oct-2021 Huge collection of classic wallpaper textures, including Win98, Mac and many more
07-Oct-2021 Reasonable Sized collection of Sky Textures for Doom-like games.
06-Oct-2021 How to configure Windows 98 for Multilingual support.
06-Oct-2021 Huge List of Japanese Retro PCs with their technical specifications (in Japanese)
06-Oct-2021 Web Page of Amulets & Armour Modern Sourceport
06-Oct-2021 ETTiNGRiNDER's Fortress. Un-updated website with info about some old games.
06-Oct-2021 Witchaven: The Horror Back. Direct Download Link
06-Oct-2021 Witchaven: The Horror back. Web Blog with a 10-level addon for Witchaven
06-Oct-2021 Manual for the map editor of the game The Legacy, for PalmOS and PocketPC
06-Oct-2021 Map Editor for the game The Legacy, for PalmOS and PocketPCs
06-Oct-2021 Large list of MODs for the game The Legacy, for PalmOS and PocketPCs
06-Oct-2021 NEC PC-98 DIP Switches Configuration for different computer models
06-Oct-2021 NEC PC-98 C-BUS Cards DIP Switches configuration Database
05-Oct-2021 Diablo 1 Mod. Play Diablo 1 in modern Windows. It changes the game mechanics.
05-Oct-2021 ShadowFlare Subreddit. Info and other useful stuff and links
05-Oct-2021 ShadowFlare abandonware game download. Pack with all the game expansions.