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Gargoyle Welcome to my personal page.

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Retroyamato will no longer be updated in Neocities, but instead, in Geminispace Other than adding new photos to the Lo-Fi photography section, no new content will be uploaded here.

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Mon, 17 - April - 2023
A few things have changed in my webpage. The first thing is the distribution of contents.
This main page will work as a website diary of some sort rather than just a directory of oddities.
At the top of the page I added a simple menu where you can access the different sections of the site, including the directory of oddities.

At this very moment, you cannot access the directory, as it is still being moved to a new dedicated page, but you can access the sections of various projects.

In addition to these changes, I also added a simple guestbook. Do you want to share something with the rest of The Internet? Do not hesitate to write it in the guestbook.